Values provide by SAFRAN and user-defined vaules in database

SAFRAN database is supplied with the values for all parameters, but user may add own site-specific values (and use them as default). Column Data source in database table identifies the origin of the value in the database. It has one of the following values:

  • SAFRAN DB - defult values provided in SAFRAN database. These values are read-only and can’t be modified by the user.

  • user - site-specific values provided by the user

Checkbox locaced in column Default of each row (if checked) tells SAFRAN to use value from this row in safety assessments. Only one checkbox for the similar rows (for example reffering to the same radionuclide) can be checked. This way user can identify which value (provided by SAFRAN or user-defined) should be used.

To add site-specific values to the database use one of the following methods: