Version is available

  • Possibility to show multiple criteria and compare with multiple limits (at the moment green/red comparison with minimal limit is implemented)

  • Possibility to select type of calculations for total activity (for impacts linked to WM activities) - either as conccapacity or as A1N

  • Check that same waste component does not appear in the assessment tables several times (before it was possible if you link same component to the several WM activities and then link impact to them).

  • Fixed bug for calculation of properties of solid/liquid waste (was not possible to remove calculated values after removal of incorrect user-defined values)

  • Fixed bug when dose rate values was not transferred to dose after the calculations in impact table (this happened when user removed dose rate values in dose table earlier)

  • When user opens SAFCALC files (.eco and .eas) made with standalone SAFCALC and attached to any SAFRAN object , the SAFCALC window appears automatically with the corresponding file open

  • It is possible to “save as…” attachments (any types of files)

  • Separate directory with acc. release outside model,examples and documentation (for stand-alone SAFCALC)

  • Possibility to run SAFRAN 1 from Tools menu or when user tries to open SAFRAN 1 (.saf) files.

  • Improvements in installation program