SAFRAN is released!Mon 16 Dec 2019 00:00 CET

Major upgrade of SAFRAN

Version is availableMon 22 Apr 2019 19:01 CEST

  • Completely new diagram engine
  • Simpler installation (flash support is not required)
  • Navigation and properties via clicks on diagrams
  • Several other significant improvements

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The SAFRAN (Safety Assessment Framework) is a user-friendly software application that incorporates the methodology developed within the IAEA SADRWMS and CRAFT projects.

Possible use of SAFRAN: Conduct waste characterisation; Visualise waste management schemes Guidance in conducting safety assessments; Support in quantitative assessments;Perform integrated studies.

Potential users of SAFRAN: Managers of radioactive waste facilities; National regulators in the nuclear and environmental fields; Government departments responsible for emergency response; International organizations; SA professionals and consultancies; Enterprises developing radioactive waste management solutions.

Benefits of SAFRAN: To assist in performing systematic and structured safety assessments in compliance with Safety Standards; To manage information and data in the same medium; To demonstrate compliance with regulatory criteria; To provide a common platform for regulators and operators to perform and review safety assessments and discuss results effectively