SAFRAN is releasedTue 29 Dec 2020 00:00 CET

  • Possibility to edit waste steams and porocess diagrams by right-click on diagram nodes

  • Showing merged activities when one waste stream is shown

Details are provided in Tutorial 16

SAFRAN is releasedTue 21 Jul 2020 00:00 CEST

Possibility to “merge” several streams as well as show several streams on the same diagram including links between them (in the case of merging).

Detailed explanations are in the Tutorial 16

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The SAFRAN (Safety Assessment Framework) is a user-friendly software application that incorporates the methodology developed within the IAEA SADRWMS and CRAFT projects.

Possible use of SAFRAN: Conduct waste characterisation; Visualise waste management schemes Guidance in conducting safety assessments; Support in quantitative assessments;Perform integrated studies.

Potential users of SAFRAN: Managers of radioactive waste facilities; National regulators in the nuclear and environmental fields; Government departments responsible for emergency response; International organizations; SA professionals and consultancies; Enterprises developing radioactive waste management solutions.

Benefits of SAFRAN: To assist in performing systematic and structured safety assessments in compliance with Safety Standards; To manage information and data in the same medium; To demonstrate compliance with regulatory criteria; To provide a common platform for regulators and operators to perform and review safety assessments and discuss results effectively