SAFRAN Methodology (IAEA Techdoc 1777)

Methodology for Safety Assessment Applied to Predisposal Waste Management

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Quick review

SAFRAN addresses all pre-disposal waste management activities. It has the following main functions:

  • To define facilities for storing or processing radioactive waste including their relevant design features.
  • To define waste streams including all relevant radiological and non-radiological properties and their changes through the waste management activities.
  • To define relevant requirements from the regulatory framework (criteria, endpoints, other requirements).
  • To perform safety assessments for all steps of pre-disposal waste management.
  • To perform calculations for quantitative analysis.
  • To report the decision path and documenting the safety assessment justification.
  • To trace changes in the safety assessment and of review comments to facilitate the development and review of safety assessments.
  • To support the use of safety assessment results in various areas (e.g. sitting of facilities, definition of requirements for safety functions, operational limits and conditions, operational procedures).

Architecture and functionality diagram

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