Add alternative configuration

User can create alternative configurations for the site under assessment. The alternative configuration is created by SAFRAN as a copy of the existing base configuration, except for Waste management activities.

The Alternative configuration is always synchronised with the Base configuration , i.e. if user deletes a room in the base configuration, the room will be deleted automatically from the alternative configuration as well.

To create an alternative configuration, click on the Site node and in the context menu choose Add Alternative configuration. In the displayed window, type the name of alternative configuration and click OK.

In the alterlative configuration user can change user-defined parameters for Site features, Physical elements, and Safety elements.

For example, to change a safety function of a physical element, focus safety function’s icon in the alternative configuration,which is located under the Physical elements icon. In the Properties panel, click on User-defined parameters and then on ‘“three dots”’ button. In the displayed table, focus the existing parameter row, click the Modify property values for current configuration button and then input a new value. (This para. need further clarification)

User can also insert additional Site features, Physical elements, Safety functions and Safety elements. The influence of these changes on the Site “safety” state can then be evaluated by Safety assesment performed for the alternative configuration.