Doses from releases to air outside

For endpoints of the type “outside” which are linked to scenarios with impacts of the type “releases to air”, SAFRAN will apply the procedure shown in Table 3.11 for assessment of doses outside the facilities.

Table 3.11. Doses outside the facility from accidental releases to air


RN – radionuclide, SDB – SAFRAN Internal Database, N/A – not applicable. The cell marked in read is used in the Analysis Module for comparison of hazards.

Definition of columns in Table 3.11:

  • Column 1. Short name of the scenario.
  • Column 2. Short name of the radionuclide (RN).
  • Column 3. Radionuclide release outside the facility.
  • Column 4. Dose Conversion Factor for accidental releases to air.
  • Column 5. Dose outside from the release.

Columns in Table 3.11 that can be modified by the user: 3- to define the release outside the facility, column 4 – for entering the dose conversion factor, column 5 – for entering directly the dose values.

The DCF for accidental releases to air are defined as the effective dose to a member of the public resulting from an unit instantaneous release of a radionuclide. The SAFRAN Internal Database includes values (see Database tables) of the Dose Conversion Factors (DCF). These have been either found in the literature or have been calculated with the SAFCALC Module for atmospheric releases outside. The user can add own values of the DCFs obtained for specific situations using SAFCALC or other tool.