The Options window is available by selecting menu item Options.

The window allows modification of the following settings:

This project

  • Probability is given

– Per facility life time

– Per year

  • Scales:

– Impacts - normal operation

– Accidental impacts

– Probability (life time of facility)

– Probability (per year)

Commenting and review

  • Name or initials (used in comments and in new project properties)

  • Add comments as reviewer (reviewer comments are shown in red color, “user” comments in black color)

Environment ( frequently used options)

  • At startup:

– “Getting started” window

– Load latest project file*

– Create new project file - UntitledN

– Show empty environment

  • User interface style

– Media Player Purple

– Office 2007 Blue

– Office 2003

  • Define/change “favorite” nuclides list

  • Automatically add “favorite” nucludes to new waste components

  • Don’t show window confirming data transfer for documenting with Word

  • Show items of “Edit” group in Actions window and context menu

  • Show “Add user-defined direcory” in Actions window and context menu

Environment (advanced options)

  • Prompt for name when user creates new object (if unchecked default names based on object type - like Area1 are used)

  • Automatically add some template objects (for exmple - Facility 1, Processing area, WM processing activity)

  • Enble ‘undo’ functionality

  • Save current project as Backup\regular_autosave.saf each minute

  • Create backup everytime when project is opened (as Backup\backup_before_open.saf)

  • Customise default PIE type lists

  • Customise waste classification types list