Properties and links panel

Use this window to view and change the properties and links of selected objects that are located in object browser. You can also use the Properties window to attach files to the object.

Properties and links window is available from the View menu.

Properties window

The Properties window displays different types of editing fields, depending on the needs of a particular property. These edit fields include edit boxes, drop-down lists, and links to custom editor dialog boxes. Properties shown in gray are read-only.


Lists all properties and property values for the selected object, by category. You can collapse a category to reduce the number of visible properties. When you expand or collapse a category, you see a plus (+) or minus (-) to the left of the category name. Categories are listed alphabetically.


Alphabetically sorts all properties for selected objects. To edit an undimmed property, click in the cell to its right and enter changes.

Description pane

Shows the property type and a short description of the property.

Text properties editor

Text properties can be edited either directly in Properties window or with text properties editor located under Description pane. When some of the text properties (such as Name or Description) is highlited in the Properites window the Text properties editor will contain the corresponding text. Modify this text (Cut, Copy and Paste commands are available with toolbar Edit menu) and click Apply modified text button on toolbar to commit changes.

Links window

Links window shows the links of the object that that is located in object browser. Both links “to” and “from” object are shown. User can jump to the linked object by clicking on the hyperlink with object name. Links “from” object are deletable - click on the “X” button near the linked object name to remove the link.

Arrange properties and links windows

User can arrange windows Properties and Links in the most convenient way (for example always show window Links or hide it “under” the Properties window so that only small tab will be shown). To re-arrange window locaton - drag window header.