Releases to air

The impacts from releases to air outside the facility during normal operation are quantified (Table 4.2) simple by dividing the release rate of each radionuclide by the Screening Release Rate . The release rates are extracted by SAFRAN from the table of release rates of the linked area or facility, added by the user in the system description module. Default values of the Screening Release Rate for routine releases are available in the SAFRAN Internal Database (see Database tables) and can be entered by the user directly in Table 4.2 or indirectly thorough the database (see Values provide by SAFRAN and user-defined vaules in database).

Table 4.2. Quantification of impacts of the type releases to air for normal operation scenarios


RN – radionuclide, HQ – Hazard Quotient, SDM – System Description Module, SDB – SAFRAN Internal Database, N/A – not applicable. The cell marked in read is used in the Analysis Module for comparison of hazards.

Definition of columns in Table 4.2:

  • Column 1. Short name of the radionuclides (RN).
  • Column 2. Radionuclide release rate.
  • Column 3. Screening Release Rate for normal operation.
  • Column 4. Hazards Quotient.

Columns in Table 4.2 that can be modified by the user: The user can modify the following columns: column 3– for entering own values of the Screening Release Rate (no).