Errors, tasks and comments panel

This panel allows you to add comments and tasks for the object located in object browser as well as preview the errors SAFRAN found for these objects.

Panel is available from the View menu.

Comments window

The comments window allows you to add comments for the object located in object browser. Depending on the Options settings, where you are selecting whether you are working as creator or reviewer of safety assessment, comments will be shown by respective green or red colour. To add new comment - click on the button “pen” on the toolbar. Provide the comment text in the window which will appear. In the Comments table each comment is accompanied with the:

  • hyperlink to the commented object which allows you easy “jump” to this object

  • name of the comeent’s creator

  • date when comment was created

  • button “pen” in the second column from the left allowing to edit comment’s text; user is able to edit only “own” comments.

  • button “x” in the first column from the left allowing to remove comment; user is able to remove only “own” comments.

Task List

This window helps you create and manage a list of tasks (which are notes about work to be done) for object the object located in object browser. The functionality of Task List is similar to the functionality of Comments window. The difference is Done checkbox (3rd column from the left). Checking this checkbox identifies that task completed and shows the task description with strikethrough font.

Errors List

This window enumerates errors which SAFRAN found in properties or links of all objects. Window is updated everytime, so if some error is fixed - it will disapper from the list. Each error contains error description and hyperlink to the respective obejct, clicking on the hyperlink will select object in object browser.