Based on the analysis results it is possible to suggest one or more modifications of the physical and safety elements located on the level of the site, facility, room or area.

To do this user can add one or mode “modification” objects and link them to any row of the analysis tables.

Note: To add modifications user need first add at least one alternative configuration to the site description.

To add modification - left click in the Modifications columns for the corresponding row and click on the “3 dots” button. The window, which appears, allows user to specify name and description of the modification. Same window also allows to remove, if necessary, link between row and modification or link row to already existing modification.

All modifications are added to the Modifications node of the safety assessment tree (under node for the corresponding alternative configuration).

Using object browser user can:

  • link modification to any physical or safety element in the scope of safety assessment

  • modify modification’s name and description