Object browser (folder and type view)

The object structure of a SAFRAN project can be presented in the Object browser (tree view) and Object browser (folder and type view) windows.

The folder view is similar to Windows “My Computer” - all the objects belong to the certain folders and in each moment window shows the content of the current folder providing the possibility to “open” folder (by double-click) or “go up” in the folders hieraqrchy (with “up” button loacted on the toolbar). Several sortable columns are used to show the objet type, name, short information, attachments and full path to the root.

The type view shows all the objects starting from the ceratin level in hierarchy grouping them by object’s type. Buttons “up” and “open” are working in the similar way as for the tree view.

Operations (such as copy, paste, delete, rename, reorder etc.) with objects for the folder and type view of object browser is similar to ones described for the Object browser (tree view)