Object browser (tree view)

The object structure of a SAFRAN project can be presented in the Object browser (Tree view) and Object browser (folder and type view) windows. The Tree View provides the user with a concise visual presentation of hierarchical data and allows the user to decide on the level of detail for visualization of the project.

The SAFRAN object browser (tree view) is a multi-column tree view, which displays hierarchical data, supports data editing, layout customization, sorting and many other features:

Data Editing

  • Right-click menus - righ-click on any tree node will invoke the context menu showing commands available for this object

  • Double-click default actions - one of the commands is selected as default; this command will run after double-click on nodes which have no “child” nodes

  • Cut, copy, paste, delete and rename object - all these operrations are available via context menu or Edit submenu of main menu. SAFRAN controls the possibility to perform of each operation and issues warning or asks for confirmations if necessary.

  • Operations with multiple objects - if multiple objects are selected in the tree then context menu will contain the set of commands common for all these objects.

Data Presentation

  • Sort Tree List Nodes - clicking on the Name column header will sort objects in ascending or descending order. Alternatively yoiu may rigt-click on the column header and select one of the sorting options from the menu.

  • Re-arrange objects - objects are saved in folders (and shown in the tree) in the order they was added. Changing of this order is possible with right-clicking on object icon, selecting Reorder from the context menu and providing a new order number for the object (numbers are 0-based).

Showing descriprion row

  • Clicking on the Show description botton located on the toolbar will display the text provided for Description property of each object.

Layout Customization

  • Tree view supporst layout custimisation options (showing and hiding columns, manual resizing columns, automatic best fit for one or all coumns). Rigt-click on the colums header to see the possible options. See more detailes at similar options described for the Rich Table