Run SAFCALC model and import results to the database

SAFRAN software supplied with the set of mathematical models used to obtain database values. The set of input parameters is selected to provide the conservative modelling results. User has the possibility to run these models with own site-specific parameters and transfer values received as results of the modelling into the database.

  • Open database window by selecting Database from the main menu.

  • Expand tree in the Database window, find the corresponding table. If site-specific values for this table can be obtained by calculations then folder Calculations to derive database values will be located near the table.

  • Click right mouse button on the folder icon Calculations to derive database values. Select Add calculation from the context menu. Enter any name for the calculation and select the model to be run in the dialog which will appear.

  • SAFCALC (SAFRAN Calculation Tool) module will be started with the corresponding model. SAFCALC module had been constructed on the base of Ecolego player - software developed by Facilia AB. Detailes how to operate Ecolego player (and SAFCALC) can be found at web link Introduction to Ecolego Player. Remember that, unlike general-purpose Ecolego Player, the SAFCALC automatically find and opens the necessary model, so user doesn’t have the Open menu in SAFCALC.

  • If SAFCALC module will not start, check whether it was installed.

  • Supply the site-specific parameter values and run model following the instructions available at the link Introduction to Ecolego Player..

  • The values, which are calculated for the SAFRAN database, need to be present in one of the result tables. These tables can be created when calculations are finished. Follow instructions in the link above to create one or more output tables. Check the tables you want to return to SAFRAN by checkbox located near the table title.

  • Click in SAFCALC Simulation->_Return to SAFRAN_. Click Continue in the information window which will appear.

  • Now folder Calculations to derive database values contains the subfolder with name user gave for the calculation and name of the corresponding model. The calculation in SAFCALC can be re-opened -right click on calculation icon (“calculator”) and select Re-open in calc. tool from context menu.

  • To open the table with calculation results - double-click on the icon located in Results sub-folder under calculation.

  • Add new values in the database via exporting of data to MS Excel from this table first by clicking on the Export to Excel button on the table toolbar and then on importing database values form MS Excel file. In another way - copy the value to clipboard (using Ctrl-C) and add this value to database table.