Show all waste streams

In the main menu, select View -> All waste streams (diagrams). The Preview and modify waste stream window will be opened.

The Preview and modify waste stream window can be also invoked as described in Add or modify waste stream starting from primary waste component, i.e. starting from the Waste Producer node. In this case only one waste stream is shown.

The window contains the tree panels:

two on its left side

  • tree-view control presenting currently selected waste stream,


  • list of all waste stream in the project,

one on its right side * the diagram presenting the waste stream selected at the moment.

User can modify the stream by double-clicking on the tree-view elements. For example, to add waste management activity to the waste component in the stream, double-click on the waste component, select Add WM Activity from the context menu and select waste management activity from the list, which will be shown. The toolbar located above the tree-view assists user with the most common commands.

After changes in the tree-view you may need to double-click the Update button located over the diagram window in order to refresh the diagram. Other buttons placed on the toolbar above the diagram window allows user to select background colour of the diagram window (blue or white) and to print diagram.